Welcome Geeks!

Meet the Geeks is an all-volunteer organization focused on supporting the tech community in Western North Carolina by creating opportunities for networking, partnership, professional development and employment.

Why we built this site:

⇒ To assist local Geeks with connecting with clients who need their skills.

⇒ To assist folks who need Geeks with finding the help they need locally.

⇒ To facilitate connections among local Geeks for collaborations, etc.

Submit a Listing & Register

Go to I’m a Geek>Submit a Listing & Register to get started.

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Email Subscription-
Receive Project Requests

Setup your Email Subscription to receive Project Requests from the categories you choose. Directory users and listing owners can submit Project Requests that will be immediately shared with Geeks in our directory.

Go to “View Project Requests” to view the Project Requests Archive.

Direct Messages from Potential Clients

Users searching the directory can send you an email directly from your listing page using the contact form.

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Connect with other Geeks

Save Listings

To save listings during your browsing session, click on “Save” under the listing title.

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Project Requests

Submit Project Requests to connect with other Geeks for collaborations or job openings, or to share a job opportunity you’ve found elsewhere.


When logged in, click on your user name to access your Dashboard. In your Dashboard you can:

View your listing & statistics: number of views, leads and reviews

Edit your listing

View your saved directory listings

View messages you’ve received through the leads form

View and manage reviews your listing has received

Manage account settings

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About Listing Fees

Funds from Listing Fees will be used for the promotion, maintenance & improvement of the WNC Tech Finder site.