StratGen and Unity Future

I help people shape the future... including through better use of the ‘Digital Universe’.

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More to follow. I will fill this out more later this year. is under construction. There is no website, but I own the domain.

Even though some of my marketing is TBA I wanted to be part of WTF / Meet the Geeks now. I look forward to sharing more soon.

StratGen is a consultancy, and in part its about getting folks used to using digital tools like Podio, Mighty Networks, MindJet MindManager to produce desirable community and economic development outcomes.

Unity Future is a program example of using these tools and working with the above StratGen Delta + System (e.g. ‘Delta System’). There’s a national impact 501c3 nonprofit in development tool.

One aspect of Unity Future is including Persons with Disabilities. I am developing a product that could be an example of a software robot interface especially useful for Persons with Disabilities. What Unity Future is about beyond technology is really the big idea actually. However Unity Future is definitely about tapping into the Digital Universe… meaning digital productivity tools like Podio, Mighty Networks, MindJet MindManager as well as AI, IoT, etc.

The Digital Divide is another place Unity Future can help fill out along with StratGen services.

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  • Podio, Mighty Networks, MindJet MindManager, MS Project and Visio
  • Individual, Company, WNC Owned
  • Freelance, Collaborations, Full time, Part time, Remote, Internships